Digital Marketing for Companies

Paid Search

The top search results are all paid spots. Increase visibility and awareness with paid search and capture leads with a self-targeted audience.

Paid Social

Paid social ads provide the ability to narrowly focus on your target market and serve ads when they’re a captive audience. Social ads help increase brand engagement.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and recognition. Well targeted ads are placed in front of your target market on their favourite sites.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the most viable solution for long term sustainable growth of website traffic. With a great SEO plan, the website traffic and leads will follow.

Marketing Automation

Save time and improve customer satisfaction with marketing automation. Automated emails are effective at providing timely information to your prospective clients.


Serving existing traffic targeted ads as they leave your website will keep your brand top-of-mind. Remarketing campaigns bring back website leads when they’re ready to convert.

Data Driven Decision Making

Digital marketing is a data driven approach to lead generation through the web. At Neumarkets we focus on SEO, search advertising, display advertising and paid social promotion.

We start with comprehensive research up front, including an analysis of what currently is or is not working for both you and your competitors.

With this information we develop and implement your customized digital marketing plan, working closely with you to solidify your success.

Our Clients

Here’s a few organizations from around the Toronto area that we’re working with.

Our Process

We believe in keeping things simple, to get right to point the below outlines the steps to get started exploring if there is an opportunity to work with Neumarkets for your website project. The goal of this process is to work together collaboratively to ensure your goals are met and your stakeholders are happy with the results.

We set-up a discovery call to listen to your goals and needs.
We send you back a proposal within 5 business days that includes a statement of activities and scope of work to achieve your goals.
We start with comprehensive research up front, including an analysis of what currently is or is not working for both you and your competitors.
We ensure your existing website and campaigns are properly set-up to capture all of the data to make effective and informed decisions.
We execute the campaign and closely monitor the data so we can quickly iterate to create a constantly improving campaign.

We create a detailed report bi-weekly, monthly or at the end of project. Our reports include expert insight with critical thinking backed up by data so you’ll be more successful in the future.

The Fine Print

Most of our contracts are set-up on a monthly retainer-based model that you can cancel at any time.

Steps 1-2 are free.

Our clients typically take advantage of all the services we offer in our packages in addition to digital marketing, such as: website updates and hosting. Neumarkets has a blend of deep technical knowledge for web development and digital marketing which makes a full service monthly retainer feel like a critical member your team.