About Neumarkets

Founded in 2011

Our goal is to deliver the best web experiences with data driven decisions. As we’ve matured that has only become more true; our cross-functional technical web and marketing knowledge is second to none.

Start-ups to Fortune 500

Our team has the flexibility to deliver on projects of any size. Most of our clients you haven’t heard of yet. But we’ve also worked on amazing projects for several brands you hear on a daily basis.

100+ Happy Clients

Because of our amazing clients we were able to expand our product offering. From websites to artificial intelligence, if it involves coding, data, or strategic analysis we have a success story to share.

Our Story

It all began over a beer at Queen’s University…

Co-founders Evan and Dan were hanging out at Queen’s Pub chatting about the cool projects they were working on and learning.

That night they decided to combine their knowledge to make a data-driven digital marketing agency. The next day they purchased neumarkets.com and incorporated.

To this day, not wasting any time to get things done is part of the Neumarkets’ DNA.