IT all began over a beer at Queen’s university…

Evan was finishing his degree in Economics and learning web development to prepare himself for a career after university with a leading tech company. Dan had finished his dual-degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship and was in town for a visit when they decided to catch-up over a beer.

That night they decided to combine their knowledge to make a data-driven digital marketing agency.

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Neumarkets was born.

We were lucky enough early on to play a pivotal role in the launch of a new B2B brand early on in our journey. That brand is GMS Live Expert, one of our longest standing clients. The lessons learned, and lessons that we continue to learn are rolled into everything we do at Neumarkets. Our collective, and continuously expanding, experience serves as the foundation for the growth engines that the Neumarkets team designs and collaboratively manages with B2B clients across a number of industries. Neumarkets proven marketing philosophy is designed to consistently fuel your growth.

Consistent growth in any market. 

Enter Pasinex. An extremely unique opportunity that Neumarkets is proud to have supported through its journey from a sub $1 million a year junior minor, to now boasting a market cap of over $15 million!

If you’re an innovative organization, looking to implement a scalable approach to consistently expand your organization, please let us know.