About Neumarkets

About Neumarkets

We’ve been around and have a lot of cool stuff to show for it.

Founded in 2011

Founded in 2011

Our goal is to deliver the best web experiences with data-driven decisions. As we’ve matured, that has only become more true; our cross-functional technical web and marketing knowledge is second to none.

Experienced Digital Marketing Agency

Start-ups to Fortune 500

Our team has the flexibility to deliver on projects of any size. Most of our clients you haven’t heard of yet. But we’ve also worked on amazing projects for several brands you hear daily.

Exceptional Customer Service

100+ Happy Clients

Because of our amazing clients, we were able to expand our product offering. From websites to artificial intelligence, if it involves coding, data, or strategic analysis, we have a success story to share.

Feel Good Service

environmentally friendly agency
Neumarkets is 100% carbon neutral, which includes our entire supply chain. Everyone who contributes to a Neumarkets project, the technology we use, our work related travel, our servers and suppliers down to the electricity caused by website visits to any website we host are carbon neutral.

We contribute to 3.2 tonnes CO2e emissions reductions per year.

We’re on Your Team

We pride ourselves on trust and honesty. We make recommendations as if we were you, balancing cost and effectiveness. Our goal is to turn every client into a client for life, which requires a team mentality.

Although there are many people behind the scenes, you’ll only ever communicate with a member of the senior leadership team. Our senior leaders are experts on all aspects of digital marketing (UX, SEO, web development and design).

Our Purpose

To create products, services, and content worthy to be proud of sharing.

Our Core Values

Honesty & Integrity
Nice & Positivity
Continual-Self Improvement
Competitive Spirit

Our Story

Neumarkets Story

It all began over a beer at Queen’s University…

Evan was learning to code to build websites. He planned to create a cool blog and then blog about tech stuff, with the hope of landing a marketing job at a tech company.

Dan was working at an IT company where he had free reins to test various digital marketing initiatives. It was scalable, data-driven, measurable, creative, and working well.

Evan and Dan were catching up at Queen’s Pub.

Being an Economics and Marketing major, hearing what Dan was doing wowed Evan. Being an Entrepreneurship and Finance major, Dan decided that if they put their skill together, they could start a compelling company.

The next morning Dan messaged Evan and said, “I was serious. Let’s start this company!” Evan was all in.

Within the week, Neumarkets (a combination of Neural and Marketing) incorporated. Within a couple of weeks, Neumarkets.com was up on the web.

And, as they say, the rest is history.