IT all began over a beer @ Queen’s university…

We talked about the importance of development, marketing strategy, and design working together to achieve a business’ sales goals. And, after spending a few years working with agencies in 2011, we were ready to take the leap to go fully independent. That’s when we answered a plea on Facebook.

This experience cemented Neumarkets corporate culture

A magazine’s site had crashed and no one was around to help them get back online. The newly formed Neumarkets jumped at the chance and worked over the holidays to get them up and running in record time. There was no looking back. Despite friends signing on with major companies, we decided to take a different path – relishing the opportunity to constantly evolve our digital and marketing skillsets. Boy are we glad we did 🙂

The power of a logo in a digital age.

You see, our logo is a homage to our insatiable love of technology; representing our momentum, our language and our passion with the building block of the modern world with which we spend just about all our time, the pixel

So why choose Neumarkets? Our biggest asset are the relationships and trust we have built with our clients. We offer sound marketing decisions and technological prowess that propels businesses forward. In short, Neumarkets is your digital marketing agency.


Hyper targeted website visitors leads
to cost-effective campaigns.


The right information, presented at the right time. Check.


Data driven insights to do more 
of what works best = ROI 🙂