Websites Made For Companies

Custom Design

We have the capability to build anything you can dream of. We can also build websites that fit the budget of a Junior Mining company with our pick-and-choose module framework.

Know What You Get

We reduce the risk of working with us by producing 3 functional homepage website concepts for the first in-person meeting, free of charge. We’re confident you’ll love what you see!


Our pick-and-choose framework allows you to mix and match from all 3 concepts that we present. This process facilitates brainstorming that creates even more great ideas for our Designer to tackle!

Websites that Deliver Results

Your website needs to accomplish three main goals. First, it needs to provide information in an easy-to-find design for existing stakeholders. And second, it needs to tell a story to prospective stakeholders to attract new investment. Lastly, it needs to differentiate yourself from the competition with a custom design.

Neumarkets helps you create an stakeholder focused experience, while allowing your brand to represent your personality so your website is different than every other company. We find the balance of unique custom design and user experience, every time.

It All Starts with Your Website

In order to attract and encourage your target audience to take action, your website needs to be on point.
It serves as the hub of both your strategy and your brand. Put your best foot forward, and prepare your business for ongoing growth.

Our Process

We believe in keeping things simple, to get right to point the below outlines the steps to get started exploring if there is an opportunity to work with Neumarkets for your website project. The goal of this process is to learn more about each other, and collaborate on ways that we can work together to create a brand new website that meets (and hopefully exceeds) your needs.

Tell us your 5 favourite websites and why!
Our designer team will take all of your notes and create a truly special homepage that reflects your company.
We then get started on designing the inner pages of your website.
Once the design is set, the task flips over to our development team who begin bringing the idea to live.
We add all of your content in from your existing website (or another document) and then go live.
Websites get out of date, but yours doesn’t have to! So we’ll train you so you can continually tweak your content within your new website.

The Fine Print

Pricing is dependent on how many pages require a unique design, the functionality requirements, and the size of your website.

The average website takes 3 months to complete from the initial meeting to going live.

Hosting with us is optional ($35/mo) but highly recommended. As your website will be hosted on a blazing fast Google Cloud Server based out of Montreal. We use a content delivery network on top of your server to ensure your site loads everywhere in the world, fast!

When hosting with us we also make sure your site is super secure with two-factor authentication and an SSL certificate.
Website maintenance with us is optional but we understand you may not have the capacity to do this yourself. We offer prepaid, monthly and quarterly retainers for your convenience. However, our websites are as easy to update as a Microsoft Word Document.

Our websites are automatically mobile and tablet friendly!