Toronto SEO Experts

Toronto SEO Keyword Research

Keyword Research

It is important to focus on the keywords that will generate relevant traffic and leads. So is knowing what is possible against your search engine competitors.

Toronto Local SEO

Local SEO

If you’re a Toronto based small business ranking for search terms in Toronto might be the only search terms that matter for you.
Toronto SEO Structured Data

Structured Data

Structured data helps Google understand your brand name, location, hours of operation, reviews on your website, social profiles, and more.
Toronto SEO Content Marketing

Content Marketing

We will recommend relevant topics, sub-topics, structure, and keywords to include in your content. Our recommendations will increase your website traffic and leads.
Toronto SEO Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

There’s two types of competitors to focus on for SEO. First are your search engine competitors for ranking positions and traffic. Second are your direct competitors for leads.

On Page SEO Toronto

On Page SEO

We grade web pages just as harshly as our professors did to our papers in university. But, with a bit of expertise, this is something you can get perfect, every time.

Intelligent Insight,
Actionable Analysis

With the number of studies on search engine optimization (SEO) that exist it has turned into a science. Neumarkets’ expert SEO team knows exactly what it takes to rank.

The Neumarkets team also understands data, analytics, and website code. If there are any issues with conversions, events, or traffic, we’ll find them!

Our Clients

Here’s a few organizations from around the Toronto area that we’re working with.

Our SEO Process

We’ve outlined the steps below to illustrate what it’s like to work with Neumarkets for your Toronto SEO project.

Toronto SEO Process
We set-up a discovery call to listen to your goals, needs and assess your capacity for creating new content.
We send you back a proposal within 5 business days that includes a statement of activities and scope of work to achieve your goals.
We start by recommending all of the low hanging fruit and addressing any issues that will work against your rankings.
We ensure your existing website and campaigns are properly set-up to capture all of the data to make effective and informed decisions.
We execute the campaign and monitor your website with our SEO software so we can stay ahead of any issues.

We create a detailed report bi-weekly, monthly or at the end of project. Our reports include expert insight with new content suggestions for increasing traffic and leads.

The Fine Print

Most of our contracts are set-up on a monthly retainer-based model that you can cancel at any time.

Steps 1-2 are free.

Our clients typically take advantage of all the services we offer in our packages in addition to SEO such as: digital marketing, website updates and hosting. Neumarkets has a blend of deep technical knowledge for web development and digital marketing which makes a full service monthly retainer feel like a critical member your team.

Disclaimer: SEO can’t be done in isolation. You are the expert on your business and industry. We need to work closely with you for content to get the best results.