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virtual chief marketing officer!

If your business isn’t growing as quickly as you need it to, or your sales team is wasting time generating leads when they should be closing. Or, your customer churn is impacting your growth, something has to change. Your vCMO team at Neumarkets instigates that change through proven strategies that directly lead to revenue growth.

Strategic Growth Marketing Without The Cost Of A Full-Time CMO.  

You’ve probably heard of virtual Chief Financial Officers and outsourced IT management. Both are critical components to any business. But what about your marketing and sales success? With Neumarkets, your vCMO provides critical analysis of every component of your marketing and sales efforts. The v or virtual part of our job title only means that we don’t physically come into your office daily but still become part of the team. We design and implement sales programs that bring in new business and grow your revenue with existing accounts!  

Get More Out of Your Marketing Budget. Increase Efficiencies. 

When sales and marketing teams work in true unison it can be incredibly powerful. Unfortunately, less than 30% of salespeople feel their marketing department is adequately preparing them for success. Your vCMO helps you flip this paradigm using a proven marketing methodology to bring in a consistent flow of better-qualified sales leads while empowering your sales team to more effectively influence purchase decisions that lead to both increased revenue & customer lifetime value! After all, anything that’s measured and monitored can be improved!


Proven Expertise To Boost Customer Growth & Lifetime Value

Every business needs a roadmap. Often times it lives in various documents and mostly in the minds of your Executive team. When you work with Neumarkets, the first thing we do is ‘download’ all of this into a concise plan. We call it your Growth Roadmap. Your Roadmap includes a critical analysis of all variables that impact your business; from your competitors to your target customer profiles, total market size, customer referrals, and even customer churn. Your vCMO then creates an actionable plan to improve your results in all areas and works with you to implement every step!

Strategic Management of Your Marketing & Sales Efforts

It’s one thing to provide a report of recommendations. At Neumarkets, we are a team of operators. When you choose our vCMO services you get access to professionals that provide you with the data, methodology and real-time support in achieving your marketing and sales goals. We work with you to optimize every step in your marketing funnel and sales process. Everything we do is co-ordinated through recurring meetings and informed by Executive dashboards that we use collaboratively to monitor every aspect of your marketing and sales efforts in order to ensure that you are maximizing your ROI. 


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Neumarkets has leveled up our marketing by several notches. There is now a constant flow of leads to our database.

Steve Williams, CEO @ Pasinex Resources Limited

Neumarkets has built a consistent customer acquisition model that has completely transformed our business.

Cindy Perks, COO @ GMS Live Expert

Neumarkets has built a consistent customer acquisition model that has completely transformed our business.

Cindy Perks, COO @ GMS Live Expert

Neumarkets has leveled up our marketing by several notches. There is now a constant flow of leads to our database.

Steve Williams, CEO @ Pasinex Resources Limited

Neumarkets helped us attract over 2,000 leads over the course of just a few months and then trained our staff to follow through with the roadmap.

Dan Taylor, Economic Development Catalyst @ Town of Innisfil


With the Neumarkets vCMO team on your side your business will turn into a new customer acquisition machine!

We’ve seen first hand time and again how sustainable growth has impacted not just the balance sheet but the mindset of our customer’s teams. Change can be scary at first, but when your business transforms into a high growth organization, incredible things can happen at every level of your organization. 

sales leads generated & COUNTING!

$$ In sales opportunity value created



How does the Roadmap work / what do I get?

We start with a detailed onboarding process that is designed to uncover everything that we need to know about your goals, your team structure, the opportunities you see and how you view your target audience, competitors and differentiators. We then dive into your competitors to snoop on their tactics and overall strategy then move on to analyzing your historic sales and marketing results and customer data to build a detailed Roadmap and action plan to turn your business into a customer acquisition machine. In addition to our analysis, your roadmap includes detailed campaign strategies, tactics, channels that you should be targeting and even key messaging. We provide a visual marketing funnel architecture as well as overall marketing and sales optimization improvement implementation plan including budget requirements to help prioritize where to invest your marketing dollars over the next year. The whole process takes anywhere from 1 – 3 months depending on the availability of your team and how your data is stored.

What if I want to dive right into the Roadmap support?

You won’t get any argument from us! We’ll kick things off with an intensive Growth Roadmap project so we can hit the ground running and still ensure that we are providing the best possible guidance on how your marketing budget should be invested in order to deliver maximum ROI. 

Will you run my marketing campaigns and administer things like my CRM?

You bet we will. We will even train your team to take on certain tasks (if they have the capacity) and bring in and manage third-party contractors if a skillset falls outside of what we currently have in-house.  

What if I need a new website, will you help with that?

Absolutely! Your website is the foundation for any successful B2B marketing and sales effort. Reviewing the effectiveness of your website is one of the steps in our Roadmap offering. If it turns out that your website is holding you back we will document a plan of attack and can even bring in our network of amazing designers and developers to help you get your house in order.

This is great but do you have references?

Absolutely! Once we have a chance to determine if there is a fit between our respective organizations we are more than happy to share references. In the meantime, we even have two pretty awesome case studies published on our site. Check them out here.


Connect with our vCMO team today to bounce ideas on opportunities for growth that you could be tackling!