Data analysis. A/B Testing. Continual Improvement.

Running a paid social media campaign requires data analysis on audiences, A/B testing of different ad formats, and continual message testing and updates to the creative so it never gets stale and the results always improve.

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Audience Builder

We use our industry knowledge to target an initial audience such as people who live in a major Canadian city that are interested in investments and mining. Over time, we will refine the audience (geography, demographics, interests) based on what is converting to optimize the budget.

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Competitive Analysis

We always keep an eye on industry peers for new ideas and to evaluate if any aspect of a campaign or creative can be improved.
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A/B Testing

Our data-driven approach has us keen on split testing creative and audiences. Split testing allows us to improve audiences, messaging, imagery and calls-to-action by iterating over time.
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Data-Driven Decision Making

We understand that creating ads is much more than an image, copy and link. We understand how to create hypotheses and test them to ensure the campaign is always moving forward toward the goal.


Each month you will receive a report with all of the statistics on the campaigns and a commentary. The analysis on the reporting reveals what has and hasn’t worked, allowing for the campaign to improve and evolve.

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