Automation is Always On Time

The goal with implementing a marketing automation program into your sales environment is simply to drive more value from each individual lead in your database.

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Segment your contacts

Segment your contacts into groups based on where they are in the buying process, location, etc.

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Identify engaging content

Identify what content each visitor is viewing, and what this tells us about the buying intent.
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Nurture leads

Develop lead nurturing programs to progress your leads through your sales process.
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Platform Set-up

The selected marketing automation platform will required to be set-up, with all of the contacts imported.

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Create Automations

All of the automations that were mapped out in the architecture stage of the project are now to be created within the selected automation platform.
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Create Website Integrations

In the selected marketing automation platform Neumarkets will set-up the architecture created in the previous phase of the project.

Do More With Less

Neumarkets provides clients with the automated workflow to take control of their prospective leads!

When Neumarkets builds on a marketing automation platform, the user feels that each engagement is unique to them. Marketing automation is like adding another member to your team at a fraction of the cost.

Neumarkets will map out all of the ideal engagement flows for each point of contact, stage of the lead, and content required.

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Marketing and Sales Intelligence

Leverage custom email campaigns, your website, sales assets and website analytics to identify who amongst your leads are engaging with your website, and email campaigns, and how they are engaging.

Additional Benefits

  • Leverage a lead scoring system to identify and prioritize leads for action by your sales team
  • Refine communication and messaging through on going testing
  • Continually optimizing the process to increase contact and lead conversion rates to increase sales
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