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Digital marketing is a data driven approach to lead generation through the web. At Neumarkets we focus on Google Search advertising, display advertising, and remarketing.

Custom Website Design

Market Research

Competitive and historic data collection and analysis to understand your competitors strategy, to identify opportunities, set targeting and your estimated results.

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Campaign Setup

Google search ads, landing pages, sales calls to action, email marketing program steps, phone tracking and conversion analytics are launched.
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ROI Optimization

Continual data analysis and resulting campaign improvements are made to maximize sales leads generated and your return on investment!
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Opportunity Assessment

While the planning and development step occurs at the very start of each engagement, often times as campaigns evolve we must cycle back to this step to ensure the plan is meshing with what we are learning.

To start, we review your entire digital marketing presence from search and display to paid social advertising and existing email nurturing programs that are in place.

We can add new features on staging before going live.

Competitive Focused Research

We then take this same approach and review what your competitors are doing online to analyze what is likely working for them and why. This external and internal analysis allows our team to identify opportunities and lay out a program road map called your opportunity assessment.

This opportunity assessment and campaign metrics plan serves as our overall guide to manage your campaign with each component built upon as new data is identified.

SEO Website Design
SEO Website Design

Launching Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Armed with competitive data and opportunities identified our team goes out and launches each respective program component. From an SEO perspective we ensure your site is optimized for the keywords identified throughout our research.

From a paid search perspective, your landing pages, A/B test’s and campaign structure is established and approved before we start. Your email marketing programs are established segmented into both lead nurturing and vendor nurturing funnels, with content both supplied by your team and ours. Finally all forms, click events and phone call tracking mechanisms are setup, tested and ready to be monitored.

On-going Optimization

You may get the feeling by now that everything we do revolves around monitoring data and making decisions based on this data. This on-going optimization step is vital to ensure our respective teams are collectively driving towards the goal of maximizing your ROI. Through the use of a number of tools made available by Google, and a few tools our team has developed ourselves – we watch every metric and KPI to drive performance and maximize the results generated for your business!

SEO Website Design

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