Create brand awareness and inform, engage and convert potential leads into clients.

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Content Calendar

Posts will be planned several weeks ahead so there is always content in the queue. Planning allows for posts to be crafted for conferences and other notable dates on the calendar. A content calendar also allows ample time for approvals well ahead of the planned post date.

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We’ll never run out of things to say by finding and citing interesting news, facts and resources about the resource, property, industry and company.
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Finding the perfect words to engage with platform users is as important as catching their eye with a great photo. We will write copy based on the desired intent of the post such as sharing, learning, interacting or marketing.
Custom Website Design

Image Selection & Editing

We love to use original photography so if you have an image bank, point us to it, and we will take it from there. We will size, adjust, optimize and touch up the photos we need best suited for the post.

Custom Homepage Design

Social Media Press Release Template Design

We will create a template for press releases so the image visually aligns with the remainder of the social media posts throughout the campaign.
Easy To Update Custom Websites

Content Bank

We will build a bank of extra social media posts. They will be used if a planned press release is delayed. The content bank ensures the cadence of the social media posts is kept, without having to adjust the content calendar.
Custom Website Design

Intent-Based Posting

Not every social media post should be focused on getting a conversion. This would make the audience tired of the content. Instead, we feature a variety of intent-based posts (sharing, learning, interacting, marketing) to keep the content interesting for the users while meeting company goals.
Custom Homepage Design

Hashtag Research

We will harness hashtags for each social network. Hashtags allow organic content to be found by users outside of your followers. Each social media network has its own set of hashtags that are popular for your industry, so we will ensure they are used correctly and appropriately on each post.
Easy To Update Custom Websites

Landing Page Creation

If we need to create a landing page to boost results for conversions, we will do it. A carefully crafted landing page that is optimized for intent and conversions can help a campaign get a lift when it is needed.
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Conversion Tracking

We will measure campaign success by tracking data from several touch-points such as sales, contact form sign-ups, and newsletter capture.

For many social media posts where conversion isn’t the goal, we will measure success based on reach, frequency, interactions and sharing.

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