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Digital marketing is a data driven approach to lead generation through the web. Below are the latest posts about digital marketing from the Neumarkets Blog.
Great Examples of Mining Companies Using Social Media Well

5 Tips to Create Company Annual Reports Stakeholders Will Love

Annual reports are an essential part of running successful businesses. Effective annual reports are the ones that stand out and help distinguish you in your line of competition, while helping to reinforce the relationship you share with stakeholders.

Why Your Business Needs a Virtual CMO

Why Your Business Needs a Virtual CMO

Introducing the Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (vCMO). We may have borrowed the idea from the virtual CFO concept! The fact is, not all companies need or can afford a full-time CMO. But, all companies need a way to increase the pace with which they are growing.

3 Reasons Why You Need Digital Lead Generation

3 Reasons Why You Need Digital Lead Generation

There is unbelievable power in operating your company with rapid growth in mind. One of the best ways to fuel that growth is marketing through the web. Unfortunately when it comes to digital marketing there are too many EXPLOSIVE, TREMENDOUS,…

Great Examples of Mining Companies Using Social Media Well

Why You Need To Be Spying On Your Competitors

If you own or manage a business, you should know what your competitors are up to at all times. More facts. Less guessing. Because everyone likes facts. I can argue that knowing the facts about your competitors is just as important as knowing the facts about your own business. And I’m sure you know your website’s monthly traffic, the number of employees you have, your sales, and your expenses (or at least I hope you do). With that in mind, it’s time to start spying on your competitors

Why Do I Keep Seeing The Same Ads?

You visited Ikea’s site once in search of some new furniture. Moments later, you bounced over to Facebook and saw ads for the exact cabinet you almost bought.

“Looking for a new cabinet?” The picture looked even better the second time.

It was no coincidence that you started seeing online ads from Ikea right after you visited their site. Digital marketers can’t read your mind; we’re good, but we’re not that good.

Faking Social Signals

Is there actually any benefit to faking the number of social follows you have? Here’s our two cents.

3 Steps to Exclude your IP from Google Analytics

It is very easy to exclude your IP address from Google Analytics, all you have to do is follow these three easy steps. Step one: Determine your IP address. Step two: Navigate your way to the filter in Google Analytics. Step three: Apply the exclude IP address filter.

Facebook Ads for Market Research and Testing Ideas

One of our favourite ways to get an early signal as to whether or not one of our ideas has ‘legs’ is to put together a quick Facebook campaign to test how our assumed target market might respond.