5 Tips to Create Company Annual Reports Stakeholders Will Love

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Annual reports are an essential part of running successful businesses. Useful annual reports are the ones that stand out and help distinguish you in your line of competition while helping to reinforce the relationship you share with stakeholders. Irrespective of the fact that electronic documentation has pretty much taken over all forms of literature, the annual report remains one of the most integral reports for your organization.

What are annual reports?

An annual report is a comprehensive report that mentions the company’s financial activities that took place throughout the year, alongside an analysis by the management regarding the current financial standings as well as plans. This report is prepared at the end of the fiscal year so that those interested in knowing more about the company get access to financial information and internal decisions of management.

A standard annual report contains several distinctive sections that assist both investors and creditors in understanding the company better than if they just looked at general financial statements. A typical annual report would include the following sections:

  • Letter to Shareholders
  • Financial History and Climaxes
  • Management Analysis and Discussion
  • Report from Management on Financial Statements and Internal Controls
  • Report of Independent Accountants
  • Follow-ups to Financial Statements
  • Names of Directors and Officers

Financial statements should also include the following:

  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flows Statement
  • Statement of Stockholders’ Equity

Why are annual reports valuable?

One of the reasons why an annual report is an essential asset is that sharing an annual report is the best platform to maintain contact with an organization’s stakeholders. Present your annual figures briefly and transparently while communicating the organization’s management strategy. This strategy helps to up the company’s credibility as well as keep your stakeholders at bay.

If you want a reputation that stands out positively and proves that your company is not in it to deceive clients, annual reports are the way forward.

5 Tips to Create Great Annual Reports

There’s no denying that a good annual report makes a lasting impression on your company. The following are five tips to keep in mind to come up with great annual reports that stand out:

1. Identify your audience

You may have numerous members among your audience. However, you need to know whom you want to target to read your annual report. Be sure to include the information that you feel your intended audience is looking to learn.

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2. Tell it like it is

Your company’s story is for you to tell. Even if you haven’t had a great year financially, make the report resonate with the lessons learnt or the progress you have made. Think over how you can tell a story alongside the financial aspects.

3. Make the report link well

The information on your annual report should be easy to read through. By creating sections and segments, as mentioned above, your report can have a proper flow to it.

4. Include visual data

It is crucial for you to keep in mind that most people are visual learners or readers. Infographics are a great way to present all the numbers included in the annual reports.

5. Make the report visually appealing

Believe it or not, there are several ways you can make your annual report appealing to the eye. Whether it be the images you include, the colours used or the way you use the space within the pages. These factors, in addition to others, go a long way in determining the effectiveness of your report. Never underestimate the importance of being visually appealing.

Mining Companies with Good Annual Reports

Mining companies understand just how far an excellent annual report can take their company in the long term.

Mining companies such as Happy Creek Minerals Ltd. provide an extensive list of financial reports (four per year). Hudson Resources Inc. also includes four reports per year, audited annual financial statements and other similar statements on their website. As these reports are accessible online, the company lets viewers know just how transparent they are willing to remain.

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