The Best 15 Footers On Mining Websites

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Admittedly, footers aren’t the sexist part of a website, that’s the design team behind the sites. 😉 I’m joking!

Every website has a footer, and they can be super functional while enhancing the appeal of a website. Footers display contact information, highlight essential pages, include links to social media, or add a call-to-action. Last week, when I wrote about stock price banners, Teck put theirs in the footer of the website. Footers can also look great with the minimalism of the necessities, including a logo, copyright and privacy policy.

I’ve put 15 examples of footers below in random order, so don’t try to work out which one’s my favourite. But I hope that some of these inspire you if you need a website refresh.

UEX Uranium Website Footer

UEX Uranium

The UEX Uranium footer has [almost] everything; it has its sitemap, logo, ticker symbols, social media links and contact information. They were able to effectively put much information in their footer to make it quite useful, without making it feel crowded. Well done!

Noront Resources Website Footer

Noront Resources

I like the Noront Resources footer because it’s simple and it’s a good use of font colours and font weights. Their navigation items stand out well in a bold white font. Placing all of their contact information in a grey font doesn’t make their footer feel overwhelming.

McEwen Mining Website Footer

McEwen Mining

McEwen is the first example where a mining company has a subscribe to a mailing list field and button. Adding an email capture form is very useful in growing your database to get new eyes on your press releases the moment they disseminate.

Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp Website Footer

Pacific Rim Cobalt

Pacific Rim Cobalt is another example of a more robust footer as it has their sitemap included. But it also captures user’s emails to provide them updates on the company.

Sandstorm Gold Website Footer

Sandstorm Gold

Sandstorm went for an alternate layout of their sitemap, stacking top menu items with the subpages below one another on the left. They also make their investor relations team’s contact information easy to find. Marketers had their say in this footer as the lead capture separates first name, last name and email address for more personalized communications. I approve!

Meguma Gold Website Footer

Meguma Gold

This footer is ultra simple. It’s just the top menu items in their footer with their brand’s copyright. There’s never anything wrong with taking simplicity to its purest form.

Pasinex Resources Website Footer


I love this style of a simple footer. Not because we designed it, but because it highlights the most critical links on the site, and branded well. **Pats self on back

Tudor Gold Website Footer

Tudor Gold

I’ve included this simple style of footer for those who don’t believe in repeating essential elements at the cost of redundancy. Their footer contains primary links, none of which (aside from the contact) are on the menu. I also like how they overlapped the contact form in the footer. Overlapping website elements are in trend right now.

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Western Copper and Gold Website Footer

Western Copper and Gold

Western Copper and Gold feature the standard website footer information with an interesting layout. I also like how they placed a graphic behind the footer, but it’s subtle enough where it doesn’t distract or make the text above it hard to read.

Osino Resources Website Footer

Osino Resources

I like this footer because it’s plain, four well-spaced columns featuring the essential links on their site as well as their vital contact information. Osino also uses font colours and all caps effectively, so the footer columns are differentiated without distraction.

Micon International Website Footer

Micon International

We made Micon’s website for them a few years ago. They are the most active on LinkedIn, so it made sense to direct the traffic there to follow the company, especially since that’s where their audience is engaged.

Wealth Minerals Website Footer

Wealth Minerals

This footer is excellent. I like the structure of branding and contact info on the left side and the sitemap in columns on the right side. I’m a big fan of alternate white logos on a dark footer such as this. They also did an excellent job of adding texture background to give it more visual depth without taking away from the user experience.

Regulus Resources Website Footer

Regulus Resources

Regulus’ website is another example of a simple footer, but with the branding. It’s great to get your logo in the footer. PSA: don’t allow your web design agency to advertise on your website, as it provides you with no benefit unless they are paying for the ad placement.

Sprott Website Footer


Sprott also elected to have the essential contact and social information in their footer but was able to lay it out interestingly and uniquely.

Triumph Gold Website Footer

Triumph Gold

Triumph Gold, first, I want to know if your founder is a fan of old cars! Second, I wanted to show this as an example of a mega footer as they have their entire sitemap and contact information displayed—a Spitfire of a footer. Classic car fans, see what I did there?

There are options for website footers, choose one based on your goals and the amount of content on your website.

If you are updating your website, consider all the examples, highlight your favourites, then get your designer to make your footer, uniquely yours!

If you want to talk about a website refresh, let’s chat!

We know mining website design so you’ll be in good hands!

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