Pasinex Resources: Website Case Study

Mining Website Design Case Study


Pasinex Resources is a Canadian pure-play zinc exploration company with projects in Turkey and the United States. With one of their projects in production, it’s their mandate to move all of their projects from exploration into production while picking up more properties along the way.


When Pasinex first built its website and corporate presentation, they were a junior mining company with two properties in Turkey and neither in production. Pasinex is looking to become a mid-tier mining company. Pasinex wanted a brand to reflect that across all of their materials (website, corporate presentation, advertising, and print brochures) while attracting new investors.


We came up with 13 examples from all over the web of their favourite websites (leading car manufacturers and tech companies, mining whales, and fortune 100 companies) and why.

We then got to work incorporating all of the notes to determine the sentiment and understanding of what the client wanted.

Within a month, we transformed the notes into designs (desktop and mobile) and nailed down the first version. Then we started developing the website, turning the designs into reality.

The entire process from the first meeting to going live took approximately three months.

Mining Investor Page Design


Developed cohesive branding for Pasinex across all necessary touch-points for investors, making it easy for them to understand why they should want to work with Pasinex.

The homepage pulls in all of their latest content, so current investors don’t have to look far to find out what’s new. The website also highlights all of the incredible differentiators that they have over the other junior mining companies.

The investor’s hub is a landing page that efficiently organizes all of the relevant information that a potential retail or institution investor needs to make the next step.

The updates page increased the companies transparency by facilitating new mediums such as quarterly webinars and pulling in traditional content such as press releases, interviews, and image galleries.

Brand Evolution

Very Old Website

Old Website Example

Here was the starting point.

Another company designed this site in 2012. This site wasn’t mobile-friendly, nor did the website go to the edges of the screen as it wasn’t responsive.

The CEO recognized that the trend was responsive websites as more investors were viewing the site on their phones.

Old Website

Here’s the site we built back in 2014 for Pasinex.

We were bringing Pasinex into the age of mobile-friendliness and full-width designs.

But, 2014 was a long time ago, so the aesthetic got outdated.

Before Redesign Example

New Website

We continue to work with Pasinex to evolve its branding based on the latest techniques in website development and design trends. We are also very data-driven decision-makers, so we analyzed website traffic and usage data for improvements.

Mining Website Homepage Design
Mining Website Investor Page Design
Mining Website Project Page Design

Corporate Presentation


Old Corporate Presentation Example


Corporate Presentation Design
Click on either of the presentations to open and compare. In the new corporate presentation, you’ll find new icons, customized maps, visually appealing charts, and so much more.

Mining Web Design Results

Neumarkets helped shaped Pasinex’s brand focus on a clear message to its shareholders and prospective investors. Pasinex updated branding and messaging signals that they are on their way to reaching their goal of becoming a mid-tier mining company.
The Pasinex board of directors and significant shareholders were delighted with the outcome of the website, corporate presentation and all branding activities completed by Neumarkets.

Information sheets & One pager: Conference handouts

Conference Handout Design
Conference Handout Design Back
Conference Design One Pager

Leporello: Folded Handout For Conference

Folded Handout Design for Conference
Back of Folded Handout Design for Conference

Display Advertising Assets 

Display Banner Design
Mobile Display Banner
Display Advertisement
Display Advertisement
Display Advertisement
Display Advertisement
Display Advertisement
Social Display Advertisement
Display Advertisement
Square Display Advertisement