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We are a corporate naming agency that thinks about brands from every consumer touch point, from the stakeholders to the end consumer. While digital is at our core, our recipe for success is derived from thinking about brands and opportunities in their entirety.

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Emotions of A Name

We define what we want the reaction goal to be of all the stakeholders.

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Communication Standards

We craft the overall messages that we need to achieve with the name and the brand.
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Name for Life

Our process ensures you end up with a brand you’ll love that will last for eternity.
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Our Methodology

A good name is an opportunity to distinguish what you are doing from what everyone else is doing.

Names fall into 5 categories: Descriptive, Inventive, Mixer, Nostalgic, Singular

  • Descriptive: These names describe the core brand offering.
  • Inventive: These names are made up but sound familiar.
  • Mixer: These names mash up popular words to form something new.
  • Nostalgic: These names are an ode to the history of your brand.
  • Singular: These names ares a short and memorable.

Our Corporate Naming Process

We follow a 5 step process that ensures we provide the brand identity that delivers on your core values and exceeds your expectations.

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Step 1
We start with an onboarding meeting to make sure we fully understand what makes you tick and to download your thoughts and feelings about you brand.
Step 2
We then brainstorm and come up with hundreds of brand names behind the scenes, and present our top 30 names to you.
Step 3
Once the brand name is selected, we do our same creative brainstorming process, and present our top 20 slogans to you.
Step 4
The next step is to create and share six logos, with the selected brand name and slogan, and ability to be scaled up to future line extensions.
Step 5
From here, we will work through final revisions (if necessary) to create and present you with a final logo, brand name and slogan.

Corporate Naming Case Studies

Foodservice Branding

Citra Supply

Raising The Bar

We helped Village Juicery raise the bar by helping them name a new brand they launched along with a logo, website, and labels.

Foodservice Branding


Naming & Logo Design

We designed the logo and came up with the slogan "Eat. Energize.", which still lives on to this day as Freshii operates over 300 locations.

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