Raising The Bar

The owners of Village Juicery approached Neumarkets with a new company they were creating. They had the idea, market, logistics, customers and everything worked out except for the name, and brand.

They were trying to think of a name for months but didn’t come up with anything they fell in love with. We loved the creative challenge so we took all of their requirements, thoughts, feelings and aspirations on the brand and got to work.

The team independently thought of hundreds of names. Then the Neumarkets team got together and narrowed the list down to 30 strong contenders. We presented the list to the Village Juicery team and there were three winners. They took the names back to sleep on it and a few days later Citra was born.

Citra: A short, easy to say and spell derivative of the word citrus. This punchy name will allow the brand to go well beyond its roots.

We went on to design their logo, website, labels and packaging for their products.

Look for Citra products in restaurants all around Toronto!

Citra Logo
Citra Packaging Design

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Citra Lemon Juice Label
Citra Grapefruit Juice Label
Citra Orange Juice Label
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