Digital Marketing Leadership Team

Dan Goldstein - Director, Client Marketing at Neumarkets
Dan Goldstein

As Director of Client Marketing, Dan’s primary role is to strategic direction on everything from business processes to campaign messaging – all in the name of delivering on the goals that help our clients move the revenue needle forward. If he’s not working away, you can often find Dan experimenting in the kitchen.

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Evan White

As Director of Digital Projects, Evan ensures successful delivery of all things technical that Neumarkets undertakes. All facets of our digital marketing and development engagements share several common elements – the need for detailed upfront planning, continual analysis, and creative solutions. Evan, who is also a co-founder of Neumarkets, is the man that makes it happen – even while living the life of a digital nomad exploring the globe!

Evan White - Director, Digital Projects at Neumarkets


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The right information, presented at the right time. Check.


Data driven insights to do more 
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