The full story…
…from the beginning

Before Neumarkets we met at Fleming College’s Marketing Program in Peterborough, Ontario. Dan went off to Ryerson University to continue Study Entrepreneurship and I (Evan) went to Queen’s University to study Economics.

After Ryerson, Dan began working at an IT Company leading their digital marketing efforts with great success. I was obsessed (well still am) with technology decided to learn to code and create a website/blog from scratch. I did this partly for fun, partly to lay the foundation to work at a tech company after graduation. Dan ended up in Kingston because his girlfriend started attending law school there.

We caught up and had a beer at a Queen’s University Pub night. We knew (thought/guessed/hoped) that we could recreate the success Dan was experiencing and offer it as a service to other companies, combining it with Evan’s ability to build websites and analyze data- we could build a company that could really help other businesses.

We were having success building small websites, when we answered a plea on Facebook and got our first big break.

An online eco magazine found their site crashed and no one was around to help them get back online. The newly formed Neumarkets jumped at the chance and not only got them up and running in record time, we worked over the Christmas holidays to deliver them a newly designed magazine for the new year: full of nifty nerdy database driven development features like a dynamic taxonomy.

This experience cemented Neumarkets corporate culture as one that completely thrives on treating ourselves as stakeholders in every project or campaign we undertake. Our philosophy is firmly grounded on continually learning through testing new ideas, and encouraging both our clients and ourselves to push the status quo.

Neumarkets has grown significantly since its inception in 2011. We are now a full service digital agency having serviced publicly held and Fortune 100 companies, world-renown festivals, government organizations and a Canadian schedule 1 bank. It was about time that our principles and personality was reflected in our branding. After taking some time to reflect on who we are and what differentiates us from the others, the answer came naturally. 

Our logo explained: we have been playing with computers since 8-bit was the industry standard: we remember the monthly adventure of building (and rebuilding) PCs. We are paying homage to our insatiable love of technology by representing our momentum, our language and our passion with the building block of the world we spend all our time in, the pixel.

Our biggest asset is the relationships and trust we have built with our clients in terms of sound marketing decisions and technological prowess. Neumarkets is your digital agency.