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Kids Childcare + Preschool came to Neumarkets with a great idea. They wanted to build the best childcare and preschool in Canada. They hired the top brand agency and architects in Canada and wanted the best web design agency to help create their vision. They found Neumarkets and had their expectations exceeded.

They are proud of their website, and so are we!

We wanted to use a lot of colour on their website while maintaining a visual balance. The result was a very playful aesthetic with a premium feel. We were able to achieve this using whitespace and a complementary colour pallet.

We used icons throughout the website that perfectly encapsulate the brand and related-content. The icons are so fun, and they will stop and make you smile. We also placed a quirky background behind a lot of images made of basic shapes and squiggles to tie the photos together. The backgrounds are uniquely shaped in each case to add excitement.

When landing on the website, you’re greeted with a video playing in the background while a text overlay tells a story. The video evokes joy, and the text overlay creates an impact setting a tone for the entire website.

The intention was to add subtle animations throughout the website to give the site an additional playful feeling. The subtle movements enhance the brand’s premium spirit.

We added Messenger to the website, so their team can chat with potential leads. All the contact forms across the site are integrated with their CRM so potential customers can book meetings and tours themselves!

Daycare Website Design

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