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On April 15th, 2020, Canada Takeout introduced the first National Takeout Day in support of Canada’s restaurant industry. The website ( received an unexpected surge in traffic reaching over 1,000 concurrent users (and 40,000 over the day). The traffic was a response to a national campaign that went viral.

We became aware of the heavy traffic early in the morning, so we optimized everything we could under the time restraints. The website under our development and hosting was able to withstand the traffic without any issues and load fast the entire time.

Neumarkets also created a map built for ‘Canada Takeout Day’ to be used yearly on and leading up to April 14th. The map was created so users could find a participating restaurant offering takeout.

The map is populated by a restaurant filling out a website contact form. After the form completion, the request would go to moderation. Once approved, the business would appear on the map. The map can also be populated by a CSV upload by a website administrator. The map is searchable by the user agreeing to submit their location to the website or by providing their postal code for searching.

And since 2020, #TakeoutDay has evolved into a national weekly food holiday, every Wednesday, with (CTO’s vanity hashtag) reaching over 52.9 million people, with over 160 million impressions. More impressively, after only one year, April 15th has been indexed by Google as “National Takeout Day” for Canadians.

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