Web Marketing Our Take On The Process: Pt. 1

Web Marketing or as some refer to it as Inbound Marketing is a broad term used to describe marketing campaigns executed online.

Unlike traditional forms of marketing – the level of tracking and information you, the marketer, can gather is like no other marketing tactic ever before.

While there are a number of activities you can engage it to grow your business and presence online, it is of utmost importance to consistently keep the focus of your campaigns on the value your business adds, and the action or perceptions you want your visitors to consider when engaging with your brand online.


Forms of Inbound Marketing Tactics… There are a lot!

  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Social (and all of this broad segments hundreds of channels like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Stumbleupon and on)
  • Email
  • Text Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Online Events

The list goes on, and despite the ever growing number of options for you to invest your time and money in trying to master – the goal remains the same across all. Attract more relevant visitors, and predictably convert those visitors in taking some action.

Content as the Foundation

Regardless of the channel(s) you choose – we strongly believe that content is the underlying foundation that must be addressed and constantly reassessed.

If the pages on your website, your blog, your videos, your case studies and infographics do not communicate your intent in a way that your target audience can easily understand – there is no point in trying to bring more visitors to your site.

These are your web assets, and if you are trying to use these assets to achieve a specific goal – isn’t it worth really investing in them?

As I am sure many B-School grads can attest – there are a number of tests that you can run your content through to try to ensure this simplicity is met. Pretend you are speaking to your grandmother, do not talk about more than 3 points, repeat your points often….

The key that we have found is to first really understand who you are talking to – their level of education, their experience in purchasing products or services like yours, and probably most importantly their buying triggers (pain points).

If you can clearly articulate why your solution is legitimate, trustworthy and all around worth their time to explore – and match this with the reasons people do business with you – with time, testing and iterating – you will succeed.

Landing Pages

Whether you are trying to get ranking in the search results, or trying to get a list of email subscribers to sign up for your event – a focused and presented landing page is key.

A good rule of thumb to building a compelling landing page is as follows:

  • The overall look and feel (branding) of the page – does it build trust?
  • Your hero shot – a captivating, relevant image that adds to the legitimacy of the page
  • The presentation of content – is the font chosen easy to read? are you using bullet points and lists to break things up?  are you asking people to read for 1 minute or 15? Does the content justify the time you are asking?
  • The call to action – why are they here? what do you want them to do? Example include; sign up for a newsletter, start a live chat, download a PDF, fill in a contact form, call in, share your page to their social network and so on

Conversion Tracking

Remember how we mentioned web marketing allows for an unparalleled level of tracking?

Not only can you analyze where your visitors are coming from (geographically, and digitally) but you can also track the number of pages on average a visitors views, how long it takes them to take the desired action you want, and the process they follow to take that action.

For example, did they land on your home page, then visit the contact page, then the services page, then finally fill in a form?

While these are a just a few of the literally hundreds of possibilities – the point here is that there are numerous tools at your disposal to gain true insight into people who are considering, or actually purchasing your products or services.

Now for our call to action: Since these tools and methods exist – we hope you would agree it makes sense to always be testing… what have you tried that has worked or taught you an important lesson?

Dan Goldstein

Dan Goldstein

Director, Client Marketing

Dan lives and breaths all things marketing and all things tech. He has spent the last 10 years helping B2B focused organizations startup, expand and scale. Dan and his team at Neumarkets help B2B companies ramp up customer acquisition and customer lifetime value in order to achieve their next level of growth and set the roadmap for continued success. After hours you will normally find Dan experimenting in the kitchen or out exercising with his wife and pup.