Everything online revolves around solid web development

At the core of any digital marketing presence are web assets that; satisfy search engine requirements, exceed the user experience expectations of your prospective customers and the integrate with the business processes that you and your team rely to efficiently manage growth.

Neumarkets develops completely customized web based experiences that are flexible and easy to manage. The way we see it, our web development deliverables serve two audiences; your team and your clients. This is exactly why every project that we take on is geared to support both sides of the coin in a multitude of ways.

Automated Media Solutions

Website’s That Attract Search Visitors

As Google Partners we understand the inner-workings of search engine algorithms and optimize your website accordingly. Our methodologies are constantly evolving alongside major search algorithm changes to ensure that your website is ready to rank, and attract new customers from the onset.

We’re not only a web development company, but also a full service digital marketing agency an important differentiator that is reflected in the success of all projects that our team has the pleasure of working on. It is the intersection of strategic design, flexible web development and creative digital marketing execution that our team can drive maximum value for your business.

CMS: Reliable Website Management Processes

Before under-taking any project, we always begin by evaluating your team’s resources and web management capabilities. This insight is to key to crafting back-end functionality and website management processes that ensure your new web asset can continue to evolve as your business grows.

We don’t just develop static websites – we build fully functional web applications. To sweeten the pot, every project we undertake includes in depth management training.

Cultural Forces Lab


All companies today should internet security really seriously (and rightfully so). Our portfolio includes schedule 1 banks, international IT companies and multiple cyber-savvy (aka. customer data driven) organizations. All of this to say, we know what needs to be done to protect your data!

Our web development approach is designed to protect your business from security threats. We make sure to implement heightened security measures to help keep your customers data safe, while also positively impacting your site’s ability to rank and gain authority with the search engines. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


Having developed hundred’s of fully customized e-commerce sites both from scratch and using major third party systems, our team is well versed in developing e-commerce solutions that grow with your business.

We go to great measures to understand your specific situation to ensure our web solutions are the most cost effective, flexible and reliable option possible. We understand that e-commerce websites must be able to adapt to the needs of your growing business. After all, you have ambitious growth goals that simply cannot be slowed down by unreliable web solutions.

Township of Minden Hills Neumarkets Portfolio

Third Party Integrations + Private User Communities

Neumarkets supports a variety of integrations with third party tools such as Salesforce CRM, online booking software, social media, marketing automation and rather complex accounting processes. We’re a big fan of using CRMs and APIs to effectively manage business processes, and we make sure to seamlessly integrate with your workflows no matter the challenge.

Whether you’re a non-profit looking to co-ordinate a large volunteer base, or a Government agency releasing sensitive information to a select membership base, we have experience creating portals and private user communities for all sorts of organizations and industries.

Let’s Discuss Your Project

We love solving business problems through innovative technical solutions and always look forward to tackling new challenges. If it sounds like we might be able to help your business, don’t be shy – give us a call today (416.365.7500). Thank you for your time!