Why Your Business Needs a Virtual CMO

The Inflection Point.

Every business reaches a point where increasing the pace of your growth becomes not only desirable but necessary for survival.

We’ve found that the key to ramping up growth is to improve the relationship between your sales and accounts team with your marketing strategy.

I’m sure you’ve heard countless stories of the disconnect that often exists between sales and marketing. The marketing team feels like the sales team isn’t properly qualifying their leads, the sales team feels like the marketing team isn’t giving them enough or high enough quality leads.

This is a tale that’s as old as time. I could throw out dozens of stats around this, but I’ll spare you!

How Do You Get More Out of Your Existing Team?

It seems like hundreds of tools have popped up to help bridge this gap, all promising overnight success, and immediate growth. At the end of the day tools on their own cannot solve problems.

So, a bunch of money is spent on a marketing tool to try to quickly address an issue. But, it doesn’t get fully adopted and the CEO or VP of Sales ends up wearing a part-time marketing hat to try to keep the pipeline full and to try to inspire new approaches to growing the business.

As you can imagine, this is not a sustainable model as there are hundreds of competing priorities that require your Executive teams’ full attention.


Consistency is Key.

There’s no question that a combination of consistent customer acquisition and growth from existing accounts is crucial to the success of any business.

Especially if the goal is to exit the business in the near future with a healthy acquisition that is based on the sustainable growth of your business.

So, like any good Entrepreneur – we’ve coined a new model to fulfill this need.


Introducing the Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (vCMO).

You’ve probably heard of virtual CFO’s, which admittedly is a concept we may have borrowed an idea or two. Because it makes total sense!

Just like a CFO, not all companies need or can afford a full-time CMO.

But, all companies need a way to sustainably and consistently increase the pace with which they are growing, without adding another occasional ‘hat’ to the duties of the Executive team.


Spoiler Alert: The answer is a vCMO

When you work with a vCMO he or she is completely aligned with the goals of your business at every level. They provide a critical eye, a fresh perspective and are completely unbiased.

No upsells, no mystery in how or when things get done. No more wondering why a churn issue has popped up, or growth stalled.

In other words, no nonsense. Just complete transparency and an analytical approach to decision making.


4 Critical vCMO Responsibilities:

  • Works with you at an Executive level to not only understand the tactics of your competitors but more importantly, their strategy.
  • Brings a fresh perspective and critical analysis to understand your overall marketing opportunity, where you stand today, how you truly differentiate and what it will take to achieve your goals.
  • Builds a detailed marketing ‘Growth Roadmap’ with specific action items that will drive revenue growth and actually helps you to implement it!
  • Develops critical monitoring & measurement dashboards to ensure every aspect of your business is working to plan and constantly improving.

Maximizing the Marketing Benefit of your Expertise.

Your teams’ expertise, experience, and vision is the reason you’ve been able to grow your company to the size it is.

It’s the driving force behind the decisions your company collectively makes every day and the root cause for why customers have chosen you over your competitors.

But, that doesn’t mean that everyone needs to be a marketing expert too.

Instead, the expertise within your company needs to be strategically leveraged as the focal point of how prospects and customers view your brand.

You need a vehicle to stay in tune with your competitors, and your customers and a methodology to constantly evolve your strategy and messaging to stay ahead.

Your vCMO gives you access to a proven methodology and the expertise necessary to put all of this to work to grow revenue without taking your teams focus away from actually operating the business.

Sound like an idea you can get behind?

We’ve put together an overview of this unique model. If this sounds like a solution that your company could benefit from, please take a moment to review what goes into a successful vCMO partnership and how this approach can integrate with your existing team and plans for success.