Great Examples of Mining Companies Using Social Media Well

Social media has taken the world by storm. There are hardly any companies that remain uninformed regarding the perks associated with social media. Whether it’s for informative reasons or marketing reasons, social media is used as a tool worldwide and by all kinds of companies.

Mining companies have also joined the wagon on using social media. Even though everyone seems to know how to use social media, not everyone uses it well. Some excel in their use of social media while others still fall behind.

In this article, we’ll cite a few examples of mining companies that have learned the art of using social media effectively. Most of the companies mentioned below have personalized websites that have links leading to their social media platforms.​

UEX Corporation –

UEX Corporation allows viewers to access their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages right from the homepage, making it easier for followers to keep up with the latest updates. On their FB page you can see some of the latest articles containing news about the work they do within their locality as well as interviews or other relevant news.   


Noront Resources –

Noront Resources uses Facebook to post regarding their work as well as their workers as they work at designated sites. Short videos on the different projects Norton undertakes are also seen throughout the timeline. Regular press releases can be seen through the timeline, viewers are given an opportunity to read through the work being deployed by Noront. Viewers are also free to get in touch with them through direct messages.


McEwen Mining –

Fenix Project has an Instagram account with some of their latest pictures posted. Posts can be seen of the mechanical machines contained inside their plants, the different projects they have taking place as well as their workers taking pride in the work they do. 

Pacific Rim Cobalt –

Pacific Rim Cobalt Corp. uses Twitter to tweet regarding their work as well as the mining market in general. It’s interesting to note the hues of purple that the overall theme seems to incorporate. Most of the tweets mention nickel and cobalt, while bringing up the aspect of electric-cars and the likes within the market. Tweets seem to be regular, trying to garner up interest among viewers.


Sandstorm Gold –

Sandstorm uses YouTube to put up videos related to the projects it undertakes. Viewers can be informed regarding Sandstorm’s ongoing projects, background as well as videos on some of the intricate details on mineral investments and exploration. Not all companies have a YouTube channel incorporated into their social media marketing techniques so it’s definitely a plus point to see Sandstorm using YouTube as a platform.


Pasinex Resources –

Pasinex uses Facebook to post regarding its ongoing works. Press releases are posted regularly on Pasinex’s work in different fields. Reports (quarterly or otherwise) are also shared, allowing viewers a glimpse at the internal feedback. Interviews between the CEO and TV networks can also be seen. The posts seem to be informative as well as educational for those looking into not only Pasinex as company but the mining industry as a whole.


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Osisko Mining –

Osisko Mining uses Twitter to tweet regarding their ongoing drilling activities throughout Canada. Achievements, awards and the likes are shared regularly. There is mention about Osisko’s female workers and the diverse backgrouns they come from, offering Osisko a wide range of experience and exposure. Osisko’s rankings in relation to other mining companies is also mentioned. Viewers are basically kept informed while trying to reach out to them through posts they may find informative and interesting.


Taseko Mines –

Taseko Mines uses Twitter to tweet regarding their ongoing projects, their team of workers, their assets, achievements, sponsorships and press releases related to their field of work. Quarterly reports are also shared on a regular basis. The tweets seem to be similar to Facebook posts, except shorter. The pictures of smiley faces that are uploaded capture the attention of viewers as they scroll through.

Taseko Mines also uses YouTube to post videos regarding their work, interviews given by their top personnel as well as educational videos pertaining to the environment when it comes to mining. The videos are short and on point, making them easy views that don’t take up much time.

To Sum Up

There are numerous ways mining companies are getting ahead in their marketing game, social media is perhaps one of the greatest platforms helping mining companies get ahead in their marketing game. In the years ahead we are likely to see even greater, more innovative ways being used to market and gear up clientele.

Grace oBrien


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