THE CEO could only wear so many hats.

Pasinex had a marketing problem. The first problem being that their CEO only had so much time in a day. Even with a solid background in marketing, running a public company and thoroughly evaluating every marketing decision proved to be very demanding.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars had been spent on marketing but it wasn’t clear what was working and what wasn’t. There just simply wasn’t enough hours in the day to dive in deep.

Neumarkets acts as Pasinex’s Virtual CMO & is involved in all aspects of the success of the company.

Pasinex needed a cohesive strategy, a roadmap to follow and a team to oversee all of their marketing efforts to ensure each and every dollar spent yielded a benefit to shareholders. Pasinex needed a methodology to continually monitor the effectiveness of each marketing channel invested in.

This is exactly what Neumarkets provides. With Neumarkets onboard the Pasinex Executive team is able to invest their time where it has the most impact on shareholder value. Which is making strategic decisions to grow into a mid-tier public company, one mine at a time.