Increase Your Web Traffic Through Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be a very powerful tool to increase the traffic to your site. Whether you are blogging on another site or getting someone to guest blog on your own site it reaches out to a very captive audience that you have not reached before.

Before we go any further it is worth noting that the guest posts should provide value to both your readers. If your blog is about chicken, having a guest post on motorcycles will provide no value to your reader and may potentially alienate them. However, if the guest blog post is from a wine expert that can pair your meals with wine, more value is added to your site. Related blog posts do not necessarily have to be the same topic because they can be linked geographically, such as a business in Kingston blog.

Guests Blogging on Your Site
Allowing guests to blog on your site does two great services. The first being it helps increase the content in your site. If your blogging on weekly basis getting even one guest blog a month will take care of 25% of your content. If you decide you would like to blog at the same rate while obtaining guest bloggers, you create that much more content to draw readers to your site.

The other benefit of a guest blogger blogging on your site is that you get access to their social network. When their article gets published to your site they will push their article to their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, and Pinterest accounts. This pushes your site to a whole new audience that you did not have access to previously.

Guest Blogging for Another Site
The concept of giving out your valuable material to another site might seem a bit odd. You may feel like adding content to your own site would be more beneficial. Yes, making sure your site has excellent content is always a top priority but generating high quality links back to your own site should be a top priority too. When you write a blog post on another site you can target keywords and link them back to pages on your site so people click through and it will help your ranking in Google for those keywords.

The second benefit of guest blogging is that you can show off your knowledge to their readers and hopefully convert them to your own readers. This may not happen with a single guest post on another site, it may take multiple posts to gain their readers trust and recognize your name. Think of how often regular guest on television shows often end up with their own spinoff series.

Dan Goldstein

Dan Goldstein

Director, Client Marketing

Dan lives and breaths all things marketing and all things tech. He has spent the last 10 years helping B2B focused organizations startup, expand and scale. Dan and his team at Neumarkets help B2B companies ramp up customer acquisition and customer lifetime value in order to achieve their next level of growth and set the roadmap for continued success. After hours you will normally find Dan experimenting in the kitchen or out exercising with his wife and pup.