Improving Your LinkedIn Presence

With the advent of the internet has come a wide range of options and platforms that allow both businesses and individuals to keep their presence visible in the online world. LinkedIn is one such platform that has made some pretty serious impacts across the globe.

Thanks to LinkedIn, individuals or companies can choose to include all of their professional information for viewers to have a look through. Not only is the professional information included, academic backgrounds in addition to different sets of skills that have been acquired are also included. This allows for viewers to have a more comprehensive understanding regarding the company or individual, without having to personally get in touch.

In a nutshell, LinkedIn allows for entrepreneurs and companies to market their brand to the rest of the world!

Making the Best Out of Your LinkedIn Profile

Here are a few effective ways in which companies or individuals can make the best use of their LinkedIn profiles:

strong>Know your audience

It’s imperative to know who the target audience is before anything is included within a profile. Based on the kind of audience you intend to target, your focus and highlighted areas should be mentioned accordingly.

Have a statement to identify your line of work.

It’s important for viewers to know from the onset what your company or what you as an individual have to offer. Summing up with a sentence or two, preferably using tag lines, can be a great way to keep your audience informed from their first view.

Stay engaged and active

Share your company’s achievements and line of work through different articles. Make it a point to join the conversation with other companies who may be from the same industry. When you see other peer companies posting news that your company may be able to relate to, make sure to re-post and help spread the word. Don’t forget to give credit where it’s due. This will push these companies to do the same with your posts.

Request for recommendations and testimonials

Let’s be honest, most people go and try out things purely based on recommendations by family or friends. When it comes to marketing, very few things work as quickly as word of mouth to get client or employers at your doorsteps quickly. Clients or potential employers look for references and recommendations. Getting recommendations is a great feature that LinkedIn includes.

It’s important to include client testimonials as well on your page. This option helps to build your presence in the online world. You can always get in touch with old clients and ask them to write a short testimonial.

Keep the information most recent

It’s important to keep all the information posted as recent as possible. Avoid listing positions, events or dealings that may have taken place years back. You want to highlight the most recent things, letting viewers know just how pro-active either your company or you are as an individual.

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Make sure you stand out in a positive way

Sometimes by including too much information, we may end up pushing clients or viewers away instead of pulling them towards us. You want to make sure clients can identify your line of expertise and your authorizations. Client testimonials can really help with this area.

Make sure to sign up for training opportunities

LinkedIn users have the huge benefit of getting access to a vigorous online library that includes thousands of video courses, simply through a few clicks. This is through, which was started back in 2015. Make sure to take advantage of these courses.

Mining Companies Making Good Use of LinkedIn Profiles

Many mining companies use LinkedIn to communicate their work with the rest of the world. They are tactfully using the LinkedIn profile to not only keep clients or viewers informed, but they are also doing some heavy marketing through the use of social media.

Some companies that use LinkedIn are CleanTeQ, Argonaut Gold and BHP Mining & Metals. Each of these LinkedIn pages shares various crucial features starting from links to their website, recent articles regarding their mining company, videos, links to other related lines of work, announcements, etc. Regular video content is posted with interviews from those in top-level management, different achievements that the companies may have recently undergone or future projects that the company intends to bring forward.

Therefore, with good use of your LinkedIn profile, you too can now improve your presence and make a statement for yourself and your mining company!

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