How to Use Video for Investor Relations

Holding on to investors is perhaps one of the most crucial steps for companies to sustain their business, especially in the long run. In order to hold onto investors, companies can now be found using all kinds of methods. Whether it’s social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, booklets or simply making informative videos, companies use different avenues to establish strong relations with investors. After all, investors are the customers that companies need to hold on to if they intend to attain sustainability.

Using Video Efficiently for Investor Relations

In recent years, online video has become one of the best ways to reach out to investors as it allows the company to engage with the viewer while forming a level of trust and credibility as they showcase their company’s hard work.

Through videos, a company’s level of innovation and dedication can be seen on a more personal level. A platform is created to communicate the company’s objectives, key projects, latest opportunities, financial targets and most importantly, the details of how the company creates value and significance for its shareholders. All of this and more can be achieved through the effective use of video.

When it comes to the aim of a video, in addition to above, it is to inform the viewer regarding any set objectives that the video makers may have in mind. The best videos are not only informative, but they also remain short and to the point, keeping in mind the precious value of each viewer’s time. The video content needs to be catchy and perhaps even entertaining, without diverging too much from the intended audience.

It’s important for the company in concern to invest in the process of creating good videos. They need to train their video makers, educate themselves regarding the do’s and don’t’s of good videography and constantly keep an open mind for the changing market. It goes without say, as a company continues with their video endeavour, they are bound to make better and better videos through trial and error.

Examples of Mining Companies Using Video

Core Gold Inc. includes videos under the media section of their website. Videos can be seen on their exploring options in Ecuador, short interviews from the CEO regarding their recent investors or the merging of different ongoing projects. Video size ranges from 15 seconds to a few minutes. This makes the videos flexible for viewing.

Noront Resources posts short videos regarding their various projects on Facebook. As Facebook users scroll through their Facebook page, they are bound to have a look through at least one or two of the videos.

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Sandstorm uses the YouTube platform to upload videos relevant to projects that it works on. Some of the videos also provide elaborate details regarding mineral consideration and investments. As there are millions of YouTube viewers worldwide, YouTube can prove to be an excellent platform for mining companies to make good use of.

Detour Gold, like many other mining companies, incorporates videos into their Facebook page. Their attendance in the recent 21st Annual Toronto Gala can be seen in addition to several other videos showing their attendance in different social events. Posting videos regarding the different events the company partakes in is a great way of keeping up the social image, especially on a societal level. Viewers can see just how involved the company wishes to be with the community from which it operates.

Taseko Mines is another mining company that makes good use of YouTube. Videos are posted regarding their work. Interviews given by their chief employees are also uploaded on their YouTube channel, allowing viewers to hear for themselves how do top-level management deal with their work. Additionally, there are enlightening videos relating to mining and its direct relationship with the environment. The videos are not too long, making it easy for viewing.

To Sum Up

Mining companies are considering all kinds of options when it comes to keeping up with their customers and inviting new investors into their realm. Videos are a great way to get in touch with their customers in a more personal way. For any company to succeed, commitment, patience and continued trial and error go a long way in helping them achieve their goals.

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