How Googles Changes Impact Your SEM

We understand that it can be hard at times to keep up with, and fully understand the buzz out there about all of the Google change announcements floating around… and how they affect your marketing, and more importantly what they should signal to you to change in your search engine marketing¬†(SEM) marketing efforts.

Google Panda and Thin Content

This was notably the biggest/most public update released by Google. It was primarily targeted at the content quality of a site, and site owners who:

  1. Build or have built a tonne of low value pages stuffed with keywords
  2. Add in cheesy footer links to every page on their site
  3. Participate in spam activity (blog comment spam, forum spam etc.)
  4. Buy links from specific/risky sources (side note: we don’t condone buying links at all!)

Key Takeaway: Build your pages to directly speak to your target audience, follow basic SEO principles including clean site code and invest in your web assets (ie. all pages you expect visitors to convert into interested prospects on).

Google Venice and Local Search

For some reason this update did not garner as much attention despite it’s significant impact on local search results. To summarize, instead of requiring searchers to type in the city name + what they are searching for (such as Kingston Web Marketing Company) you can now just remain focused on the Kingston area by selecting at the side of your search, as shown below for Web Marketing Company.

Google search results for kingston web marketing company

Key Takeaway: Go local. Focus on your Google Places listing, and obtaining citations as we explain in this blog post.

Overall Take Away: Google Signals and Link Profiling

There are no shortage of opinions out there, just like noses or other bodily parts that we shall not mention. It has been our experience that despite all of the debate (web marketing noise) site owners or managers who focus on delivering quality information, specifically related to their unique product or service offerings will win in the long run.

Sure there will be up’s and down’s in terms of rankings, strategies and other causes of panic or overwhelming feelings of confusion – if there was no ambiguity out there, everyone would be masters of the search engines for the terms of their choice – and, fortunately or unfortunately, companies like us wouldn’t have clients!

Stick to what matter’s. Your service. Your messaging. Your brand.

Focus on what it is that you do best, and if you do not have the time to dive into the constant changes – seek a qualified search engine professional or agency to help you sift through it all and deal with the day to day.

Dan Goldstein

Dan Goldstein

Director, Client Marketing

Dan lives and breaths all things marketing and all things tech. He has spent the last 10 years helping B2B focused organizations startup, expand and scale. Dan and his team at Neumarkets help B2B companies ramp up customer acquisition and customer lifetime value in order to achieve their next level of growth and set the roadmap for continued success. After hours you will normally find Dan experimenting in the kitchen or out exercising with his wife and pup.