The idea was to expand an already successful help desk business into a new market – the IT Channel. Our job was to assess the market, and conduct experiments to test the opportunity.  Feeling confident we dove in, created all the necessary marketing assets and got to work driving traffic.

For every $1 invested GMS Live Expert consistenly achieves a 3 – 5x return!

The focus initially was on paid search but has since expanded into remarketing, paid social, email marketing, live chat and collaborating on the management of the overall marketing for the company. In all Neumarkets consistently achieves a 3 – 5x return on every $1 spent on marketing. With 5 years of history and counting, the GMS Live Expert brand now represents 60% (and steadily growing) of the companies overall revenue!

“Neumarkets is the fuel for our business development engine”
Randy Gould, Director Business Development @ GMS


Hyper targeted website visitors leads
to cost-effective campaigns.


The right information, presented at the right time. Check.


Data driven insights to do more 
of what works best = ROI 🙂