Digital Marketing: Is it just a buzzword?

Neumarkets is going through a complete rebrand this summer. Exciting huh! Be prepared for the site to look a lot better by the end of the summer.

Anyway, this rebrand has caused us to reevaluate every single word and term used on our site. And the conclusion is this: we do not offer SEO services, or internet marketing services we offer digital marketing services. To many of you this sounds like three different ways of saying the same thing.  Well guess what? You are all wrong! 🙂

We can’t call it an SEO service because fundamentally, people do not care about ranking well on a search engine. Well you think you do, but what you really care about is increasing your traffic, generating leads and converting the leads into sales.

If you want to call it SEO than many aspects that fall under the digital marketing umbrella are missed such as conversion optimization, lead generation, social and paid search.

Okay, so why didn’t we call our service internet marketing? Our research is two fold.

Is it because digital marketing is searched more? We wish digital marketing was searched more but that just is not the case!


However if you examine our competitors and the philosophy behind Internet marketing, it almost is a dirty word reserved for affiliate marketing, and tactics that rather than add value – work to solicit sales of commoditized offerings.

Sure internet marketing incorporates paid and organic search, brand building through content such as social, email, research, pr and webinar campaigns. It even incorporates researching, testing and iterating of optimizing conversion points to get the most out of all online advertising including remarketing. However, it fails to lend credible weight to the future of marketing, which is mobile and real time data driven business decisions.

So if you want to succeed with a comprehensive campaign that will take you from brand awareness all the way to sales, digital marketing is the term you are looking for and should be eating, sleeping, drinking and eating.

Dan Goldstein

Dan Goldstein

Director, Client Marketing

Dan lives and breaths all things marketing and all things tech. He has spent the last 10 years helping B2B focused organizations startup, expand and scale. Dan and his team at Neumarkets help B2B companies ramp up customer acquisition and customer lifetime value in order to achieve their next level of growth and set the roadmap for continued success. After hours you will normally find Dan experimenting in the kitchen or out exercising with his wife and pup.