Top 15 Stock Price Banners On Mining Websites

Having your stock information prominently displayed on your website is important to keeping your investors informed.

I’ve went through the top 500+ mining companies that have websites and pulled out the best 15 examples with a stock price banner on the website.

These websites are in no particular order. Click on any of the images to enlarge them.

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Western Uranium & Vanadium –

I like this ticker because it’s easy to read, and it separates out its CSE and OTC listing with a different colour. I also appreciated the note in the top right corner that the stock is delayed by 15 minutes so investors know not to rely on it for buy/sell decisions.


Pasinex Resources –

Full disclose, we, Neumarkets built this website! We decided to list the most important trading exchanges information our predominantly North American and European shareholders. The price of zinc was also added because it provides a quick insight for potential investors on the type of mining company Pasinex is, while also providing information that current shareholders are looking for.


Unigold –

This ticker was chosen because of its pure simplicity. It focuses only on its current stock price in a clean and elegant format.


Teranga Gold Corporation –

Teranga’s ticker made the list because of its transparent overlay and positioning. I also liked the additional visual aid of the price increase (green) or decrease (red). As they are a gold mining company, the added information of the gold price is a nice touch.


Teck –

Teck went against the norm compared to the other companies in the public mining space and put their stock information at the bottom of the page. Working with public mining companies, I can sympathize with this decision as it’s easy to focus on the stock price. Making the right decision should come first and the stock price will follow.


South32 –

South32 displays the information in the top right corner very compactly, without adding any extra space to the site. The dark grey background of the stock price banner falls inline with their branding making their stock price information easy to read on any background. 


SolGold –

SolGold decided to go with a very CNN display of information that is constantly scrolling across the top of their site. Should any mining company have multiple commodities and be  listed on several exchanges, this could be a great solution to include a lot of information in no more than 45 pixels worth of page height.


QMX Gold –

QMX Gold leveraged a simple stock price banner right at the top of their page. It falls in line with branding guidelines and also utilizes the space for easy access to their social media accounts. Make sure you have a strong social media game if you’re going to display them so prominently.

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Gatling Exploration –

This is another example of a well branded, easy-to-read, stock price banner. Like Pasinex and others, they opted to also display the price of their main commodity. With the dark background they were able to make the numbers pop with their gold branding.


Canarc Resource Corp. –

Another example of a simple way of highlighting the commodities of their projects as well as their listings. The simplicity doesn’t pull away from the banner or the main image, which in nice.


Auryn Resources –

This stock price banner uses gold nicely to highlight the commodities and indexes. And just like Teck, it uses red and green so investors can quickly figure out how the are doing on any given day. As an aside, I saw Ivan Bebek present at Mines & Money Americas last May in Toronto for the 3 minute Mining Pitch Battle – he was robbed of the victory.


Ascendant Resources –

They do a fantastic job of overlaying their stock information on top of their fullwidth homepage banner.  It’s the same style overlay that Teranga has, the difference is that Ascendant spaces their information evenly across the width of the site. 

I wanted to give Ascendant a shout-out to their PDAC booth. In my opinion they have the nicest backdrop of all the mining companies in the Investors Exchange. 


Argonaut Gold –

Their stock price banner is very subtle, which is why I like it. It’s aligned in the centre just like the rest of their text on their homepage banner. Additionally, I’m a big fan of transparency (in the legal/ethics sense) and appreciate they note that their pricing is delayed by 20 minutes. Not everything has to be in real time!


Alexco Resource Corp. –

Alexco nicely displays their stock price inside a boxy design. Separating out their main commodity makes the information easier to distill and quickly lets any potential investor know what type of mining company they are.


Advantage Lithium –

In their stock price banner they utilize their two main branded colours well. But I included this example because to the right of the stock price they highlight key information to their stakeholders immediately upon landing on site.

As you can see, there are many ways to include your stock price banner on your website. The above examples shows the variety and customization available to including these on your website.

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