5 Examples of the Best About Us Pages

When it comes to running businesses, communicating with clientele is what it’s all about in order to garner customers regularly. Fortunately for those of us living in this digital era, communicating has a lot to do with how the internet is used to present our work. Under the umbrella of the internet comes owning a website. Having our own website goes a long way in forming bridges between companies and present and future clients. 

A website is perhaps one of the best methods of informing clientele regarding individual work or that of a company’s. Many businesses in today’s time stay ahead of the marketing game simply by creating great websites and sustaining overall social media presence. One of the most important parts of a website that does its job well is having a great “About Us” page.

“About us”- what’s it about?

Your “About us” page is where clients or viewers will click on in order to find out briefly what your company is all about. In essence, viewers are trying to weigh out how much they can trust your company and whether or not they can be convinced regarding the product(s) or service(s) you have to offer.

The “About us” page is typically the first or second page being linked to on top of the website, sometimes it can be the last section as well. A good “About us” page can be both short and precise or a bit on the longer side, without missing important facts.

A few questions that the “About us” page generally answers are:

-How and when did the company startup?

-Who is/are the owner(s) of the company?

-What is the company’s objectives or motives?

-What are the company’s values/core principles?

-What makes the company special or stand out in the particular sector it operates under?

5 examples of the best “About us” pages from mining companies

Mining companies across the world are fast picking up on how to stay active online and how to keep this online presence alive and kicking. Mining companies can be found at their physical locations as well as in the virtual world, making some pretty bold online presences as they seek out clientele.

Below is a list of five mining companies that have great “About us” pages.

1. Canarc has an informative “About us” page. Their “About us” page is divided into sections including overview, management, board of directors and corporate governance. Each of the above sections has brief information that is pretty self-explanatory.
2. Buchans Resources has a great “About us” section that includes the following sections: at a glance, our strategy, management and directors and board responsibilities. Each of the sections contains facts and data pertinent to the section in question.

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3. Centaurus Metals includes an “About us” page that covers the following sections: company overview, fact sheet, directors & management, corporate directory and corporate governance.  There’s some detail mentioned regarding the background of the company while keeping its current projects and other on-going work at the forefront of discussion.

4. Dundee Precious Metals includes three sections to their “About us” page, mainly board of directors, management team and glossary of terms. Close attention is given to providing the background of each individual part of the directors’ team. Pictures are provided to give the profiles a more personalized feel.

5. Engineer Gold Mines has a short yet on point “About us” section that is divided into the following sections: corporate summary, management & board of directors and corporate directory. Not too much extra information is included in each of the sections, making for more precise sections.

Moving Forward

Websites are simply one form of online presence, amidst so many others. Great “About us” pages are one aspect of a website. In addition to an “About us” section, the overall outlook, the ease with which the website can be used, the actual information contained and several other factors determine the effectiveness of a website.

“About us” pages help to cover one angle of a great website, if the other angles of a website are as greatly and precisely done as the “About us” section, the website can do wonders for the company.

Grace oBrien


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